Smart Option Course Earn

( 3 to 6 % Monthly ): 

We have designed smart option course in such a way that step by step even a beginner will easily be able to achieve the expert level and no technical as well as fundamental knowledge is required for this even fifteen minutes a day is enough to monitor your positions so if you are a student a professional, doing job, business, trade or any other thing this course is must for you. This course includes a basic understanding of future and options so that you may be able to understand three super smart future and options strategies with full adjustment process which is the backbone of every strategy and provide you complete trading plan, where you know when to enter and when to exit by taking your full profits

Strategy 1:-

This strategy is purely in NIFTY options segment in which we have adjusted calls and put in such a way that every movement whether up or down is perfectly hedged and no stop loss is required for this strategy you can sleep well at night without fear as your position is perfectly safe,we had backtested this strategy for last 7 years and even in worse years we generate 30 percent returns and in best years 50 to 70 percent.

The cost of this strategy is 4000


This strategy is for nifty50 stocks and to be very frank already many of smart traders know about this strategy and generating money from it but ,we just work smart and converted this good strategy into a better one with our unique adjustment process, so even if your share reduces to half you are very much safe and secure ,we have tested this strategy on many stocks and the results are beyond our expectations.

The cost of this strategy is 4000


This strategy is smart version of iron condor with 95 percent accuracy ,and no loss even if nifty falls 1000 points or rise 1000 points this strategy is not as smart as strategy 1 but the beauty of this strategy is that if this strategy is combined with STARTEGY1 the risk and reward is awesome

The cost of this strategy is 2000

But if you take the full course from basic to advance the cost reduces to 6000 rupees( no bargaining please)only which includes (basic of future and options, strategy 1,strategy2,strategy3 , free DMAT account with brokerage of 20 rupees per trade and full support on WhatsApp and mobile for one year or until you get expert .

The whole course is designed in such a way that it gives you a

Regular and consistent income every month like salary and protect your investments and give you healthy returns

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